The term “ultrasound” refers to sound with a frequency that humans cannot hear.

Ultrasound is a sound that travels through soft tissue and fluids, but it bounces back off denser surfaces and creates an image from the inside of your body. It’s also known as sonography and is a painless procedure.

Ultrasound uses no radiation and for this reason, it’s the preferred method for viewing a developing fetus during pregnancy.

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Colour Doppler is a special type of ultrasound which uses the computer analytics to convert measurements into an array of colours to visualize the speed and direction of blood flow through a vessel.

It is a risk-free and pain-free procedure. The transducer sends sound waves through your skin and other body tissues to the blood vessels. The sound waves echo off of your blood vessels and send the information to a computer to be processed and recorded. The computer will produce graphs or pictures that show the flow of the blood through your arteries and veins.

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Br Diagnostics is proud to have logiq Fortis ultrasound - THE 1st ultrasound system in Delhi NCR to have UGAP technology.

UGAP(Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter) is a non-invasive tool to assess the amount of fat in liver cells with great accuracy and along with Ultrasound based Liver Elastography can tell us the presence or absence of liver fibrosis.

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Echocardiography test is done on an ultrasound our machine is logiq Fortis and uses sound waves to produce a moving image of the heart and to see how it is functioning(ejection fraction).

At Br Diagnostics2D Echocardiography with Colour Doppler is performed by highly skilled and experienced Non invasive Clinical Cardiologists.

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X-radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Due to their penetrating ability, hard X-rays are widely used to image the inside of objects, e.g., in medical radiography and airport security. The term X-ray is used to refer to a radiographic image produced using this method.

The properties of X radiation are utilized in medical radiographs, mammography, CT scan, angiography, fluoroscopy and radiotherapy. The Digital X-Ray facility at Br Diagnosticsprovides immediate processing and the ability to enhance images.

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- OPG & Ceph (DENTAL X-RAY) -

An Orthopantomogram (OPG), also known as an “orthopantogram” or “panorex”, is a panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw. It shows a three-dimensional view of a half-circle from ear to ear.

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Br Diagnostics offers a complete range of clinical pathology laboratory services and boasts of a modern state of the art fully computerized lab equipped with Sysmex Kx 21 blood cell counter, AVL electrolyte analyzer, COBAS(Roche) autoanalyser & Mini Vidas for complete range of Biochemical tests,hormonal assays, tumor markers, Vitamins, Infectious diseases.

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- ECG (Electrocardiogram) -

An ECG is a painless, non-invasive test that checks for issues with the electrical activity of the heart during expansion and contraction.

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The Pulmonary function Test (PFT), also known as Spirometry, measures the functioning of the lungs.

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- EEG & NCV-

Electroencephalography or EEG test is a method of electrophysiological monitor, which records the brain’s electrical activity. It is a non-invasive procedure. Electrodes are positioned along the scalp, though invasive electrodes may be used in the procedure.

NCV Test (Nerve Condition Velocity) is the most common type of test that measures the speed of electrical impulses moving through the nerves. NCV test happens to be the marker for potential nerve damage.

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